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As well as the sheer fun and enjoyment of learning to play an instrument, there are more subtle benefits too. Young maestros will find, but perhaps without realising it, that their reasoning and problem solving has improved. This is great for enhancing mathematical and language skills.  It can also be a useful exercise for one's memory, concentration and self discipline.      Of course learning an instrument ultimately leads to creativity which is a wonderful enhancement  for a young person's self esteem and sociability.

The younger generation don't have the monopoly on learning an instrument though !  "Grown-ups"   can also benefit from music tuition. It may well preserve, re-establish or maintain a youthful outlook on life. Without making too grand a claim,  it must surely be agreed that music promotes relaxation and therefore can help alleviate anxiety, a common symptom of our hectic lives.

 Here at # Sharp Music,  Kevin provides a unique and successful approach to tuition. At your first appointment, he will establish what your musical goals and aspirations are.  You will then receive a course of bespoke lessons. For example, this could be a person giving him a "wish list" of songs they want to learn or it could be a comprehensive music course involving chord structure, notation, song breakdown etc.    Whatever your aims are,  you are guaranteed not to be bored and you WILL enjoy yourself whether you like it or not ! Many pupils have attended Kevin's classes for several years and have become friends, and  several pupils have gone on to pursue professional and amateur music related careers.

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